VCAA Top Arts

Congratulations to Max Ross Glyde and Morgan Trencher both  successful in having their year 12 art works included in TOP ARTS 2017 at NGV Federation Square. The students were chosen from 2,650 applicants and were one of the lucky 45 to have their work included for the Exhibition. 
Morgan combined her love of science and art to create biomorphic, abstract sculpture Specimen two. Upon receiving a scholarship, Morgan was given the opportunity to work with cadavers and examine the internal structures of the human body. This experience inspired her to work with non-traditional organic materials.

Max’s sculptural work Untitled 1 is the product of his keen interest in architecture and the minimalist works of American Sculptor Donald Judd. His Sculpture work subscribes to the minimalist concept that the aesthetics and construction of a work of art should convey meaning to the observer.

We congratulate both students it is a wonderful celebration of their efforts to be Exhibited in the NGV.