Monash International Student Experience Day


Year 12 International Students, from Kew High School, had a chance to visit Monash University led by Ms Yang and Mrs Valentines – our International Student Coordinators. It was the day where international students from different government and private schools within Victoria gathering to gain and share experience in their own different referred career pathway offered by Monash University.


The event was held on the last day of school of term one – 31 /03 /2017, which created more excitement within the students after a long starting term with lots of efforts. Caulfield campus is the second largest campus of Monash University. It has just been renovated not for long, so the facilities that they offer look new-branded creating a good impression from the students. We were there for a purpose of gaining experience, looking for a suitable course for future pathway, with them providing in depth information about what the course is like, and what students do within each particular course that Monash University offers.


As International Students, EAL is our importantly prioritised subject, therefore the last lesson that we had was full of enthusiasm from the presenter who gave us many useful tips and advice in order to maximise EAL score at the end of year exam as well as having further understanding of the subject. Overall, the experience that we gained at the end of the day was beneficial. 


QuyenLinh  LE