3 in 6 Film Competition


Over 100 students participated in this year’s annual 3in6 film competition. There were a few new additions to this year’s competition. We had two new judges, both from the library: Ms.Sue De Leon and Mr.Kevin Whitney. There was also three new awards: Best Actor, Best Editor/Cinematographer and Best New talent.


Like last year, the judges made a film with the two secrets. Our friendly librarian Mr.Whitney was the star of the film. In the film he was faced with some unfortunate FAKE NEWS. He also discovered a lost book about coins (GOLD COIN!Once, the clues were revealed and the rules were explained, the students began working on making their films.


There was some leniency in regards to a three minute film made in six hours. But by the end of the day (5pm), a total of 25 films were submitted. This was a record for Kew High school!


Thank you to all of the students who participated. It was a wonderful day and some great films were produced! Thank you also to the judges: Ms.Sue De Leon, Mr.Kevin Whitney, Mr.Huu Tran, Mr.Daryl Bennett, Mr.Frank Ferretti and Mr.Danny Gesundheit. Finally, a big thanks must go to the principal, Ms.Clare Entwistle for continuing to support the competition.



The winners of this year’s competition were:


Junior Secondary WINNERS

Year 8 – Kristiana Gjorgiev, Bisharro Faarax, Georgia Lindemans


Middle Secondary WINNERS

Year 9 ABDUCTION – Jack Chenoweth, Elton Paraha, Marko Babusko, Chris MISARVIDIS-TYSHING


Senior Secondary WINNERS

Year 12 TOASTIE - Matt Kaal, Alex Constantinides AND Samuel Edvardsson


Best Actor

Henry Nguyen


Best Editor/Cinematographer

Howard Aitken


Best Direction

Lingjun Chen



Year 12 – MISDIRECTIONAlex Siderov, Fabrice Wong Kwok, Ferris Hansen, Lukas Matovinovic


Year 12 – SPYBOYZ4EVA Eddy McQueen, Pat Farrawell, Marc Scollo, Todd Dhima


Year 12 – FOUND FOOTAGE Sam Wakelam, Lachlan Peele