International day of people with a disability

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of people living with disabilities and to promote resilience for all. Staff and students were able to participate in limited mobility activities with compromised levels of involvement.


Activities were devised and organised by the SRC students. Some activities included sit-down volley ball, blind-folded obstacle courses and blind-folded ball throws.

Archie Vickers in year 8 spent the entire day blind-folded and recorded his movements on a go-pro. Students assisting him throughout the day learned how to verbally direct the vision impaired.

"I wanted to go blind-folded so that people could understand that there should not be much of a stigma around disabilities.  I also wanted to raise awareness of disabilities and hopefully raise people’s understanding of what others go through.  I was surprised as I thought I would need to rely on my touch more, but it was my hearing I used more than anything else".


It was a successful day with many comments about how aware people now are of the difficulties people with disabilities face each day.