Performing Arts

Our 2012 school production the Little Shop of Horrors.  A combined effort from students of all levels of the school, involved in all areas of the production.


“An Amazing Success”  “Truly Wonderful”  “Very entertaining”  “The band was Outstanding!”


Kew High’s recent version of Little Shop of Horrors was a knock-out success. A cast and crew of over 100 students spent the past year putting the show together in order to create the high rating show everyone is still talking about. The performance season took place over four nights, with a matinee performance shown to students from Kew East Primary.

The cast ranged from students in Year 7 right through to Year 12’s, all keen to put the months of rehearsals and dance/singing practice into place. Excitement and nerves dominated most nights but each performance was a massive success with audience members giving rave reviews as they left the Renaissance Theatre.

The backstage crew was made up of students involved in lighting and sound, stage managing, backstage crew, make-up and also in the stages of set construction and painting. They were an amazing team who showed dedication and brought the whole show together for the audience.

The Production team was made up of: Brydie Barnes, Penny Fyffe and Seraya Brain, each specialising in one area of the production and working together as a formiable team.

The band consisted of 16 individuals, with 5 staff in the ensemble. They were an immense support to the actors and cast, providing a well-rehearsed soundscape to the show.

Countless emails have come into Kew claiming that the show was an amazing success and singing praise of the students and staff involved.

After the amazing success the students have slowly started to immerse themselves back into life at Kew High. In another year time, auditions will be held again, make sure you apply if you want to be a part of an amazing experience and opportunity.