Work at Kew High School


Prospective Employees


Prospective Employees are required to have registered on Recruitment Online. 

An Applicant Help Manual is available for those interested in searching and applying for school jobs, providing comprehensive information and assistance on how to use Recruitment Online available through the following link:   Click here




Current vacancies at Kew High School


Teaching positions:


Science                                 16.4.18-22.1.19           0.6        #1113735

Business Man/HUMS            16.4.18-22.1.19           1.0        #1113736

Maths/Science/Chemistry     16.4.18-13.07.18         1.0        #1113729


Closing date for applications is 26 February 2018.



Integration Aide                0.5          1113930               


Closing date for applications is 1st March 2018






Working with children


Victorian Institute of Teaching